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This archive is open to new submissions, accepting all stories about Stargate SG-1 or Stargate: Atlantis with content ratings from G to NC-17. It houses stories from all genres; gen, ship, and slash. An advanced story search allows readers to find what they're interested in rapidly, using drop down menus for sorting by multiple criteria.

Stories may be submitted on-line and viewed immediately; no need to post to an email list or wait for a web site administrator to update their site. Authors can save their entire story here or provide a link to already archived fan fiction.  Also, Stargate Musings allows authors to link stories archived here to different web sites, archives, or other locations, eliminating the need to have multiple copies of your story around should future updates be necessary.

Authors can also post photo manips or artwork inside their stories, something the larger archives don't allow. A visual representation will enhance the story and draw readers to it. This option is not currently available through the on-line submission form, but please let me know after you post your story and I'll add it. 

I'm continually trying to improve the archive.  Please let me know how to better meet your needs as either a writer or a reader.  Send suggestions to TheOneRing.

As either a novice or experienced writer, you can have a great time creating a story in an interactive format.  This method is the ultimate 'round-robin', where you can add a page, a paragraph, or even just a sentence, to the continuing story line.  Set up the plot and see where the next person will take it.  It's always a surprise!

Story threads are ongoing in gen, ship, and slash categories.  Send an email to TheOneRing if you'd like to start a new thread.