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Title Size Rating
May 13, 2005
130 kB PG13
What if Daniel wasn’t the only lifeboat?

| Gen | Team | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort |
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Rising from the Abyss
August 15, 2004
 63 kB PG13
Daniel plummets into an abyss of his own making.

| Gen | Jack/Daniel | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort |

April 14, 2004
125 kB PG13

Daniel disappears on a seemingly uninhabited planet and SG-1 are captured during their search for him.  On a planet where the trees move and the vegetation is sentient, is the planet itself responsible for the archeologist's disappearance?  Will SG-1 convince their captors to let them go...all of them?

| Gen | Team | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort |
*Nominated in the 2004 Stargate SG-1 Awards

Dark Patches*
September 23, 2003
254 kB R

Jack and Daniel are captured while fleeing the Tok'ra base Revanna and meet a new "friend". Will they survive the Goa'uld's mind control and each other? Oh, by the way, did you ever wonder just what did happen to those nine Limvris members?

| Gen | Jack/Daniel | Action/Adventure | Angst | Hurt/Comfort |
*Nominated in the 2004 Stargate SG-1 Awards

SGC Memos
July 7, 2004
   5 kB PG

Some memos written by or delivered to SG-1 have been intercepted and categorized here for posterity.  Memos will be posted in stand alone sections as they are located. 

| Gen | Team | Humor |

Compromising Positions
November 2, 2003
   2 kB PG

A challenge response:

  • One Stargate character in a compromising position
  • Includes the whole SG-1 team 
  • Someone must say "well, I can top that!"

| Gen | Team | Challenge | Drabble | Humor |

The following stories are currently in development.  More information will be added for each story along with an estimated timeline for completion so please check back often.

Fairy Rings

SG-1 are driven to the point of insanity on a 'harmless' little planet. Will they be able to save themselves...from each other?

Coming Soon - June 2005

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All My Love and Pathos

SG-1’s negotiation with a new race of people goes wrong and they hold Daniel hostage while Jack must remember how to win his freedom.

Coming Soon

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